SOC Update

Great news!  Metro Council allocated all of the money that we requested for the Douglass Community Center.  There is $250,000 in the city’s budget for 2015-16 to address fire safety and accessibility issues at the Center.  A big thank you to all of you who donated, volunteered, or signed the petition.  You did it!

The next step is to work with Metro Parks to determine programming at the Center.  We would like to see a majority of the programming stay the same including Adapted Leisure.  Some of the programming may move to the Cyril Allgeier Community Center because of space in the gymnasium.  We want whatever is best for the folks who use the Center, so we will work with Parks to evaluate the situation.  

Once programming is pinned down, we will work on a master plan with some of the architects who are helping us.  We want to be penny-wise when doing this, so we’ll get our ducks in a row before work begins.  

We will keep you updated as we go.  This would not have happened without your support, so again, thank you!


Sherry Cornell
Save Our Center, Chair